Failed Emissions Test

Failed Emissions Tests are Common in California

The State of California had the strictest air emission standards in the country. To make sure automobiles are in compliance with the air emissions standards, testing is required. The latest method of testing takes into consideration three pollutants: hydrocarbons, oxides of nitrogen (NOx) and carbon monoxide.

The test is performed by interrogating the computer on vehicles made since 1996. Cars made prior to that are driven onto a machine called a dynamometer – similar to a treadmill, but for cars. The inspector puts the emissions probe in place, enters information on the car (make, model and year) into a computer, and then accelerates the motor to 15 mph to complete the test. If your automobile fails the test, it might be a simple adjustment or installation of a new part to correct the problem. Either way, you must get it repaired.

Whittier Auto Repair is fully-equipped to inspect your car and keep it in compliance with the California emissions requirements for cleaner air. We are a State Certified Consumer Assistance Program, Gold Shield Test and Repair Facility which means we are the best of the best in what we do.  Bring in your DMV renewal notice and we do all the rest, including Test-Only directed vehicles. We perform a complete diagnostic of all systems before repairs are performed to save you time and money.

For a more in-depth look at the process, please click here: California Department of Motor Vehicles.

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