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My name is Abel and I am able to diagnosis and repair most any automotive problem presented. And that’s the only “abel” pun you will hear from my lips – though there are a bunch of clever versions – – – thanks to my clever customers. Arrgh!

Welcome to my website and hopefully you’ll be visiting my shop. In my old-school way of thinking, you should always deal with the shop owner. That’s how it’s done here, This is my auto repair and smog shop and you always deal with me. No hirlings will get between you and my hands-on service!

Only the most observant catch it – but in full disclosure let me get this out in the open… I fully lay the blame at the feet of my loyal customers and one obnoxious web geek – and now I have to disclose this big secret. Darn! My website says “Whittier…” but, I confess, my shop is a couple thousand feet east of the Whittier city line. How did this happen? Hmmm… For years and years, my clients kept thinking my shop is in Whittier because  (1) my shop is on “Whittier” Blvd, and but a stones’ throw past east of Beach Blvd, and (2) I have so many devoted clients who live in Whittier!

So….. Since  my biggest fan base is in Whittier and my good (but annoying) geek buddy does websites – whether I had any say in it — or not… Here I am: WhittierAutoRepair.com

Now, that that’s out of the way. A little about me… I have decades of experience and my success, if that’s why I’m always blessed with all this work, is due to the fact that my customers appreciate the time and effort taken to service their vehicles. In fact, there are at least 20 reasons why me and my assocoiates think Whittier Auto Repair deserves your consideration. But most importantly, our philosophy is summed up in our motto: At Whittier Auto Repair, we give you peace of mind about the safety and reliability of your car.

Complete Automotive Repair Services

Whether it’s a simple oil change or a more complicated repair, there is only one standard of service at Whittier Auto Repair (dab: Express Auto) – we strive for complete automotive repair service excellence. Today’s vehicles are extremely sophisticated machines with computer-controlled electronics and components that are working to keep the engine operating efficiently. Our job is to keep your vehicle performing the way the factory designed it to perform. We can provide any repair or maintenance service you need on any foreign or domestic automobile you own.

We help protect your investment by keeping your car running efficiently. We take preventative maintenance seriously and give you the best advice on how to maintain your vehicle for its lifetime. If your automobile is covered under a manufacturer’s warranty, we can perform the periodic maintenance. When we do, we’ll let you know if there’s a problem that needs to be fixed by the dealer. That way you’ll save on the warrantied repair costs. Repairs on automobiles with extended warranties are no problem for us to handle either.

Local Car Repair Shops Provide Personalized Service

At Whittier Auto Repair, we don’t just fix or maintain your car. As a local Southern California car repair shop, we come to know you and your car. We provide more than complete automotive repair services, because when you come back to Whittier Auto Repair, you’re greeted by name and we know the repair history of your car. The friendly atmosphere at local car repair shops can’t be matched by a dealer or a chain.

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Whittier Auto Repair

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